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Beijing Part 2: Day 31 -- Cosplay Sunday

I spent my Sunday with the BLCU Comicbook Club, a group of teen manga/anime fangirls girded with sufficient determination to cosplay (dress up as favorite characters) not only in very dodgy weather, but to march themselves to another, more photogenic, university for photos. They are even all particularly extroverted.

My presence was by invitation of 含章, my little fangirl friend who asked me to come and help them take photos. I naturally agreed. Not many more years of my life that it's likely I'll find myself in this scenario.

After a surplus of walking (the girls did not really know the best path to take), we took over an empty classroom and the rather disjointed photo session followed. There were three shooters and four girls posing. I could not really aspire to give direction, so I pretty much tried to grab the best shots of however they chose to present themselves. One of the shooters did her best to give direction, but the girls were not natural models. After the classroom was a couple rounds outdoors, where the winter relapse started to tell on the girls and their spring-weight outfits.

By the end of it I was exhausted from all that walking plus the photographic acrobatics, but my results were much better than I expected.

Listening to the girls chatter among themselves was also a Mandarin fluency reality check. I was somewhere south of 60% comprehension.