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Counting Down

I fly back to Beijing the day after tomorrow.

I've been to the eye doctor and got a new supply of contact lenses. He dilated my eyes and I stumbled off into the blazing sun, groping blindly to the car where my sunglasses were. I learned that day that all of my camera lenses perform better wide open in daylight than my own eyes do. Every light source was haloed and flaring. Must be what vampires feel like.

I've been to the dentist. My hygienist says my gums have actually improved. The dental office now has free wifi. I chatted with my sister via IM on my iPod Touch while I waited. In the dental chair.

I have my new camera, new camera bag, new jeans, new jacket and new boots. Boots are without doubt, the finest I've ever owned. Chippewa engineer boots: totally worth it.

I have my passport and new visa back, as well as the papers I need to register at school.

Everything is on track. Just need to finish generating (Tai Chi & Pa Kua) DVD stock for my absence, which I've been gradually doing over the past week so I should comfortably be able to complete it tomorrow.

Aside from a bit of a headache likely due to my still-mangled sleep cycle, there's no reason for me to be grouchy.

I'm still grouchy.

Simple tasks like packing, and the attendant decisions that need making, irritate me when on a deadline which, of course, packing always comes with.


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Feb. 17th, 2011 10:38 am (UTC)
Maybe some subconcious grouchy because you want to stay home?
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