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Beijing Part 2: Day 7

Took my placement test this morning.

On one hand, it was easier in that I could actually take a stab at the entire written test unlike last time when I had to quit after ten questions because I couldn't read any more.

On the other, I had to do the whole written test, which included a short composition that I wasn't well prepared for.

The interview phase was no trouble, especially after the bar was set very low. The very first student who handed in her test and did the verbal portion was (I think) a Japanese girl who literally couldn't speak a word of Chinese. We all felt for her standing there in silence.

Results tomorrow. I just hope I didn't generate an artificially high sense of my abilities. We are given the option to switch classes up or down, but it's a little hassle and humiliation to actually have to do a down switch. Better to be placed right to begin with.

Sun came back out for test day. Nice outside.