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Beijing Part 2: Day 28

My unbroken streak of health since my arrival in Beijing last September has, alas, been disrupted by a cold this week. I am mostly recovered now and stubbornly did not skip a day of class.

Since my last update, my teacher appointed me class leader (and has since started pressing me to organize some social events for the class... yeah, we'll see...), I have hit the areas south of Qianmen again and finally made a visit to the 798 art district. A very good weekend for photography, especially involving my brethren making silly poses with the displays. Those gradually are making their way onto Flickr and Facething.

My second weekly meeting with 世阳 included two of her classmates, who interviewed me as part of their homework. That was actually pretty amusing as we bounced between English, Mandarin and dollops of Cantonese. I recited my still-memorized Chinese poetry for them. They said they could understand me. It was all recorded on an aging little Samsung digicam in movie mode.

The really cute portion of that afternoon came when I made a comment about 世阳's Sesame Street bag. It turns out she bought it just for the cute look and had no idea what the heck it was about. I found myself explaining Sesame Street to a 19-year-old girl while she took notes on which character's name was which.

It's Friday now. I go to fetch my dad from the airport tonight and I'm invited to a multi-school comicbook club cosplay gathering on Sunday as a camera toter. Things are alright.